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VDS (Rugged Vehicular Data Server)

Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps LAN) ; Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps LAN); Hi-Speed USB 2.0; GSM/GPRS/Railway-GSM (UMTS); 2.4GHz high speed Wireless 802.11g e 802.11b; USB 1.1; CAN; Firewire; Processor: 5x86 133MHz; Celeron® 400MHz; Memory: 64MB up to 256MB SDRAM; Solid State Disk: Disk On Module; Audio: Line in/out, Mic. Isolated Digital I/O: 7 input; 5 output isolation...

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General Description

The Rugged Vehicular Data Server is a Eurotech fanless modular system, available in several configurations, performing advanced communication functionalities.
It has been developed to be a suitable solution for integrating and managing the data flow of the vehicle: it can be installed on transportation vehicles (such as trains or buses) and can act as a reliable server for managing data even in environments prone to mechanical shocks and temperature extremes.
Furthermore the DVR is provided with advanced autodiagnosis features for monitoring the status of the system, and it can be provided with a remotable status monitor, with pre-alarm features, that can send alert messages via SMS.
The monitoring is available also at power off; with this feature it is possible to understand what caused the power down of the system even without the VDS being powered.
The system is compliant with the EN 50155 standard; it can achieve extended temperature ranges (-25°C/+70°C) without using active cooling fans, and can withstand to shocks, vibrations and high humidity rates.
All signals are accessible via standard circular connectors. The rear side of the system is dedicated to the field signals and to the Wireless antenna (GPRS/GSM). The front side is dedicated to the maintenance interfaces: after removing a protection panel, debug connectors became available (I2C, VGA, KBD/ mouse). Moreover these interfaces are available without disconnect the system from the field.
The VDS can be provided with: Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FireWire (IEEE1394b), serial ports, and USB 2.0. The system can be supplied with GSM/GPRS/Railway-GSM (UMTS) communication technologies


· Enhanced communication capabilities
· FireWire (IEEE1394b)
· Gigabit and Fast Ethernet ports
· USB 2.0
· Extended Temperature Range from -25°C to +70°C
· Fanless system
· Advanced auto-diagnosis features
· Remote status monitoring with pre-alarm features
· Rugged Chassis Design
· EN 50155, CE and ECE Regulation 10.02 compliance
· Protection IP65
· Power Consumption: 15W (min), 25W (max)
· Weight: 1.5Kg (min), 3Kg (max)
· Serial Ports
· Isolated Digital I/O
· VGA Analog Video out
· Audio
· Solid State Disk for OS and application software

Technical Description

· Communication availability
- Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps LAN controller)
- Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps LAN controller)
- Hi-Speed USB 2.0
- 2.4GHz high speed Wireless 802.11g e 802.11b
- USB 1.1
- Firewire
· Processor availability
- 5x86 133MHz
- Celeron® 400MHz
· Memory
64MB up to 256MB SDRAM Soldered onboard
· Solid State Disk (for OS & application software)
- Disk On Module
· Audio
Line in, Line out and Microphone
· Isolated Digital I/O
- 7 input (+1 for Power ON)
- 5 output
isolation 500Vac@1min
· Operating Systems supported
DOS, WinXPE, WinCE, LINUX. QNX upon request
· Hardware Monitor (I2C)
Advanced auto-diagnosis features and remote status monitoring with pre-alarm features
· Chassis Description
Ultra light extruded Aluminum enclosure
· Standards
- Climatic compliance: EN 50155 (Humidity, Ambient air temperature, Storage temperature)
- Mechanical compliance: EN61373 (Vibrations & Shocks)
- Electrical compliance: EN 50155 (Power supply voltage interruption, Surges, Insulation resistance)
- EMC compliance: EN 50121, EN 61000, EN 55011, ECE ONU reg.10 (Immunity, Emission)
- Safety compliance: EN 60950

Physical Characteristics

· Back Panel
Male circular general purpose connector (IP65):
- 8, 4-40V DC Power input
- 10/100MB Faster Ethernet
- 5 isolated digital output
- 7 isolated digital input
Female circular general purpose connector (IP65):
- 1x Line-out
- 1x Line-in
- 1x MIC Port
- 2x RS232 COM port
- 2x USB 1.1 ports
- 2 RS232 optional ports
Dedicated connectors (IP65):
- 1x USB2.0 Port
- 1x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
- Wireless antenna (R-SMA)
- 1x CAN bus
Additional circular connectors depending on the configuration
· Front Panel
6 LEDs (Power-on, power good and 4 programmable).
Maintenance connectors (protected with a removable panel):
- I2C port for status monitor and debug
- 1x DB-15 pin VGA Analog Video Output
- 1x MiniDin-6 Keyboard and mouse
- 1x Reset Button
· Dimensions (mm)
LL version: 255 x 129 x 57 (L x W x H)
LH version: 255 x 129 x 83 (L x W x H)
· Power Input
+ 8.4 / +40VDC
+12/+24 battery - EN 50155
· Min/Max Power Consumption
15W (minimum), 25W (maximum)
· Operating Temperature
-25°C to +70°C (EN 50155 class T1)
· Cooling Fans
Not required. Passive heat sink provided
· Min/Max Weight
1.5Kg (minimum), 3 Kg (maximum)