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HOLIT Data Systems Ltd  was founded in 1991 by a group of scientific research specialists from Kiev Polytechnical University “KPI” engaged in the field of measurements, microprocessors and computer systems.


Our main activities are:  technical consulting, R&D, PC-cards design and manufacture for data acquisition, DAQ I/O modules, converters, PAC and softPLC-controllers, Embedded PC and other devices for PC-based systems for measurements, control, diagnostics in science and industrial automation.


Along with our own R&D and product manufacture HOLIT supplies products from world-leading companies and provide customers with up-to-date high-quality products for industrial computer systems and components, as well as appropriate programming tools for data acquisition, process control and SCADA systems.


HOLIT Data Systems Ltd. has exclusive distributor or strategic partner status in Ukraine with more than 20 foreign companies, among them :

L-Card (Russia), Diamond Systems (USA), Dataforth Corporation (USA), HMS Industrial Networks (Sweden), IEI Integration Corp. (Taiwan), ICP DAS Co. (Taiwan), ICOP Technology  (Taiwan), Taiwan Commate Computer Inc. (COMMELL)MEAN WELL Enterprise Co.  (Taiwan), Danube Enterprise  (Taiwan), , IEI Technology Inc.  (Taiwan), SwitchLab  (Taiwan)MICROLOG (Ukraine), MERA (Russia), OWON (China), Lilliput Electronics (China), InnoDisk® Corp.  (Taiwan)Weintek  (Taiwan)TAIE  (Taiwan), etc.


Success of our company is based on high proficiency of our employees, all of which have technical university education, passed postgraduate studies, have science degrees, academic status and great  experience, on partnership with most proficient and leading companies and on individual approach to customer’s projects.


HOLIT Data Systems Ltd. Is a founder and a publisher of a unique and the only in Ukraine in this branch periodic technical issue – a magazine named “Industrial Measurements, Control, Automation, Diagnostic”.


More than 500 different organizations from all regions of Ukraine and even abroad are our clients and most of them are working with HOLIT on regular basis.